Janis B.

Janis B.

A few things you should know about Pure Maintenance Free:
1. It will cost a fraction of the price to use this method rather than a traditional demolition mold removal company. Demolition methods are outdated. This is next level technology that makes homes healthier.
2. It will take a LOT less time and work and it’s a LOT healthier for you to let this company remove the mold. Don’t try to do it yourself. You will only make it worse and it will come back.
3. Not only will this method rid your house of mold but it will also remove germs and PREVENT germs and mold from growing in the future. I was very surprised to witness my husband’s asthma relief immediately after our house was treated, and the change was not temporary. He went from coughing on and off all night long to sleeping soundly and feeling better all day.
4. Walter and his team are very professional and just good people to work with. He charges a very fair price, makes it as easy as possible, and he delivers exactly what he promises and more. He took the time to explain and educate me throughout the process. It’s obvious that he is genuinely invested in helping people get well by removing the mold and germs from their homes.
Quick update on my review below… it has been two months and my husband is STILL sleeping better and not waking up coughing due to his mold allergy. I can’t think you enough Pure Maintenance Free!

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